Nquthu reservoirs

External repairs, strengthening, internal repairs and waterproofing to the Nquthu Terminal and Service Reservoirs

Service TERMNIAL Reservoirs

nquthu external
Concrete repairs and structural strengthening to the service and terminal reservoirs in Nquthu.

The external work was carried out as follows:

  • Repairs to spalling with Sika MonoTop system
  • Application of Sika FerroGuard 903 to inhibit further corrosion, with a final top coat of SikaTop Seal-107
  • High Pressure washing the entire surface with 350bar pressure
  • Installation of external post tensioning to supplement the loss of radial reinforcing steel
  • Installation of stainless steel drip edges
  • Sealing of roof/wall and wall/floor joints

Service Reservoirs

Nquthu internal repairs

the internal work carried out was as follows:

  • Repairs to spalling with the Sika MonoTop system
  • High pressure washed the walls and floor
  • Application of SikaLastic 152 to achieve a waterproof structure suitable for portable water
  • Resealing all floor and wall/floor joints with the Sika Combiflex system
  • Installation of a new GRP CAT ladder
Nquthu internal repairs


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7 February 2022
15 December 2022
Makheleni Construction
EPF Systems